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Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Products Introduction
  • Technical Parameters
  • Application Areas
HandyPROBE portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) has been developed to increase the reliability and speed of the measurement process.Because it feature the TRUaccuracy technology with dynamic referencing,the HandyPROBE PCMM is particularly efficient when used directly on the shop floor,as measurement accuracy is completely insensitive to vibrations or other changes in the environment.Compared to other existing coordinate measurement technologies such as measuring arms and CMMs,the HandyPROBE arm-free probing system gives you total freedom of movement, allowing for significant increase in productivity and quality of work.
  C-Track 380 C-Track 780 C-Track 1480
Accuracy (1)

Up to 0.022 mm

Up to 0.025 mm

Up to 0.030 mm

Single point repeatability (3)

3.80 m3

0.045 mm (2)

0.050 mm (5)

0.055 mm (5)

7.80 m3


0.055 mm (2)

0.065 mm (5)

14.8 m3



0.095 mm (2)

Volumetric accuracy (4)

3.80 m3

0.075 mm (2)

0.080 mm (5)

0.090 mm (5)

7.80 m3


0.085 mm (2)

0.095 mm (5)

14.8 m3



0.170 mm (2)

Volumetric accuracy (with MaxSHOT 3D or C-Link) (4)

0.075mm if L≤1.2m

0.085mm if L≤1.2m

0.170mm if L≤3m

0.045 mm + 0.025 mm / m if L> 1.2 m )

0.055 mm + 0.025 mm / m if L> 1.2 m )

0.095 mm + 0.025 mm / m if L> 3.0 m )

Measurement speed

30 Hz


5.5 kg


1035 x 169 x 140 mm

Operating Temperature Range

15–40 oC

Operating humidity range (non-condensing)

10–90 %


EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3, EN 300 220-1

(1) Volumetric accuracy using dynamic referencing mode and a 500 mm artefact.
(2) Each system tested according test methods given in the ASME B89.4.22 standard.
(3) Single point repeatability: The probe of the HandyPROBE is located within a conical socket. Individual points are measured from multiple approach directions. Each individual point measurement is analyzed as a range of deviations in X, Y, Z (distance/2 method).
(4) Volumetric accuracy: Performance is assessed by measuring traceable length artifacts in different locations and with different orientations within the working volume of the HandyPROBE (distance/2 method).
(5)Typical value.

 ⊙Parts-to-CAD analysis
 ⊙first article and supplier quality inspection
 ⊙Conformity Assessment of 3D models against the original parts/production tooling
 ⊙Conformity Assessment of manufactured parts againet the original
 ⊙Tooling certification
 ⊙Multi-shot measurement (up to 30 point/sec.)
 ⊙When used with a MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM scanners, allows full free forminspection and generates high density color maps.
Reverse Engineering :
 ⊙Reverse engineering of geometrical entities (spheres, cylinders, planes)
 ⊙When used with a MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM scanners, alloes faster and more accurate reverse engineering of mixing parts (geometrical and free-form).