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Data Acquisition System

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MBN is a comparative detection method, the use of non-destructive testing apparatus for testing MBN need to be calibrated to be measured, such as: hardness, should first have a different hardness values ​​of the sample were measured to obtain a hardness corresponding to MBN characteristic value, thus finally obtained calibration curve between the MBN and hardness, the use of the calibration curve to the sample being tested at the next measurement.
Through the standard hardness block measured hardness respectively corresponding MBN rms value, resulting in a calibration curve, the curve is stored in the program, you can directly measure after reading the sample detector by MBN lossless hardness value. By converting the hardness and tensile strength, the tensile strength of the parts can be obtained locally.

Completely non-destructive detection method
Quantitative real-time measurement, high accuracy
The structure can be measured quickly, a single measurement only seconds
Suitable for carbon steel or cast iron and other materials
Portability, and easy to use in the field of production
Can provide quick and accurate assessment of the course of heat treatment or forming
1.Car of high-strength steel
2.B-pillar strength testing automotive body parts hot stamping
3.Detect cases - Display

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