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Data Acquisition System

  • Products Introduction
  • Technical Parameters
  • Application Areas
Distributed data acquisition system is composed of a controller, integrated, and data acquisition modules, bus-based LAN data acquisition system, using the latest POE remote power supply technology, remote distributed data acquisition modules, power supply modules without the need to consider only need a network cable, you can achieve remote power supply module, data transmission, acquisition and control. Structural design uses can be integrated, distributed design, let Device Under Test requires the free combination, as hard as one when integrated, available under harsh laboratory, car or environmental conditions test: measuring points distributed for wider distribution, measured points more, larger DUT, such as: ships, high-speed rail, bridges, etc., to provide convenient and efficient test solutions.

Controller Parameters:
1 using wide temperature -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ motherboard, Inter i7 CPU, quad-core, 2.66GHz, high-speed data processing capabilities for high-speed data acquisition, online analysis of large data
2 built-256G solid state electronic drives, high data read and write capabilities to ensure real-time data acquisition and display
3 has the 1000M to state network interface, three USB ports, a VGA video port, four COM ports, one RS-485 interface
4 built-in wireless Wifi module, enabling wireless remote control
5 built-in GPS module, can accurately positioning and speed test
6. 12V DC power supply, 34W maximum power consumption
7 has a CPU, HDD running lights

Integrated Parameters:
1.using LAN bus technology, independent development and design switch circuit, built-in multi-channel high-speed cross-machine data interface 2.8 100M to state road network interface, two-way 1000M network interfaces to state
3.built-in system clock synchronization circuit is divided into nine output synchronous clock, using the unique synchronization circuit design, circuit design, and enhance ***ual interference
4.1-channel synchronous clock input termination, using a self-access switching mode for multi-integrated extension system clock synchronization extended
5.DC inputs, 12V ~ 24V DC power supply Wide
6.DC output 12V DC power supply for the controller
7.8 Road POE power supply, 48V DC voltage output, maximum output power of 13W per channel

Data Acquisition Module Parameters:
1 has a variety of physical acquisition module, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, stress, voltage, current, etc.
Type 2 can be accessed by all kinds of voltage, current, charge-type sensors, strain gauges, optical sensors, etc.
3 module channel has 4-channel, 6-channel, 8-channel, etc.
According to the different test environments can be configured with different input terminals, such as shock and vibration testing environment is large, such as tightening can LEMO or ODU type plug terminals.

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